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Sketching When the Pencil Requires Ignition<
Sketching When the Pencil Requires Ignition

“'Lee Bontecou: Drawn Worlds,' at the Princeton University Art Museum, is as stimulating an exhibition of works on paper as you might expect from an artist known for “drawing” with a blowtorch," says Karen Rosenberg in her review of Lee Bontecou: Drawn Worlds for the The New York Times. Read the full article...

Cézanne and modern masterpieces from the Pearlman Collection<
Paul Cézanne, Three Pears, c. 1888-90. The Henry and Rose Pearlman Collection. Photo: Bruce M. White
Cézanne and modern masterpieces from the Pearlman Collection

"All Pearlman’s pictures are worth a trip to Oxford – or to Aix-en-Provence, the show’s summer venue – but watercolors of this quality, seldom displayed even at the collection’s home in Princeton, are unmissable." says Jackie Wullschlager in her review of Cézanne and the Modern for The Financial Times. Read the full article...

Intimate and Immediate<
Intimate and Immediate

"Beyond its impressive didactic organization, this exhibition offers the sheer pleasure of viewing so much beauty and ingenuity by familiar and less familiar masters," says Barrymore Scherer in his review of 500 YEARS OF ITALIAN MASTER DRAWINGS for The Wall Street Journal. Read the full article...