© Dan Graham
Two Home Homes
Dan Graham, American, born 1942
Dan Graham, American, born 1942

Two Home Homes, 1966

Chromogenic print and gelatin silver print
image (a): 23 x 34.4 cm
image (b): 25.1 x 34.4 cm
mount: 100 x 64.5 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Glenstone in honor of Eileen and Michael Cohen
Graham has long been fascinated by the suburbs and highway culture of New Jersey. In 1965 he moved from New York to his parents' home in Westfield. Inspired by rock-and-roll odes to suburban anomie, he purchased an Instamatic camera and began to document the newly minted tract houses along the railroads leading into the city. Graham focused primarily on homes in Bayonne and Jersey City, whose seriality and homogeneity were reminiscent of much of the Minimalist art then being produced in New York. Several iterations of the resulting project, Homes for America, exist. One is a slide projection, another an article for Arts Magazine, and yet another a series of individual photographs like the two seen here. Their casual, even banal, style, which deliberately forsakes the skills and qualities of high art, is consonant with their subject matter.

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