L.2013.6.3: 291, no. 5/6 (July/August 1915)

291, no. 5/6 (July/August 1915), New York: 1915

Graphic Arts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library
The arts and literary magazine 291 took its name from Alfred Stieglitz's pioneering gallery in New York. Issue 5/6 features Picabia's symbolic portraits of the magazine's founders as machine parts. Pages 2–4, which fold out as a triple spread, include a drawing of a spark plug captioned "Portrait of a Nude Young American Girl" (possibly meant to represent Agnes Meyer); a contraption reminiscent of automobile electrical wiring diagrams is labeled "de Zayas," the name of a Mexican-born writer and avant-garde caricaturist associated with Stieglitz's gallery, who was also among the magazine's patrons.