L.2013.6.29: Cannibale: Revue Mensuelle, no. 2 (May 25, 1920)

Cannibale: Revue Mensuelle, no. 2 (May 25, 1920), Paris: 1920

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University (SAX Rare Books, NX600.D3 C36)
One of the most significant avant-garde movements of the twentieth century, Dada was born as a reaction to the First World War and deployed various media in a vehement attack against art, bourgeois society, rationality, and even modernity itself. While performance, sound poetry, collage, and readymades were also strategies explored by Dadaist artists, the magazine proved to be a privileged medium that materialized both Dada’s international existence and its investment in ephemeral artistic practices. The second number of the Dada journal Cannibale features the readymade poem “psst,” which the French poet André Breton composed by listing all of the people named Breton in the phone book.