Dada: Recueil littéraire et artistique, no. 6: Bulletin Dada (February 1920), Paris: 1920

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University (SAX Rare Books NX456.5.D3 D295)
One of the most significant avant-garde movements of the twentieth century, Dada was born as a reaction to the First World War and deployed various media in a vehement attack against art, bourgeois society, rationality, and even modernity itself. While performance, sound poetry, collage, and readymades were also strategies explored by Dadaist artists, the magazine proved to be a privileged medium that materialized both Dada’s international existence and its investment in ephemeral artistic practices. Dada was published first in Zurich and then in Paris by Romanian-born Tristan Tzara, a seminal figure for the Parisian Dadaist group.