The Artist's Book

The period saw intense experimentation with the medium of the book and its components of page, illustrations, and text. Dialogues between artists and writers—such as collaborations between the poet Guillaume Apollinaire and the artist Raoul Dufy, or between the poet Blaise Cendrars and the artists Sonia Delaunay and Fernand Léger—resulted in innovative interpretations of the illustrated book. Cendrars’s poem La Prose du transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, illustrated by Delaunay, was called the first simultaneous book, meant to engage text and image, colors and words, on the same level and at the same time.

El Lissitzky, Russian, 1890 - 1941
About Two Squares: A Suprematist Tale in Six Constructions, Berlin: 1922
Alexsei Kruchenykh, Russian, 1886–1968 Kasimir Malevich, Russian, 1879–1935
Porosiata, Saint Petersburg: 1913
Raoul Dufy, French, 1877–1953
The Serpent, 1911
Raoul Dufy, French, 1877–1953
The Hare, 1911
Blaise Cendrars, French, 1887–1961 Fernand Léger, French, 1881–1955
La fin du monde filmée par l’Ange N.-D, Paris: 1919
Blaise Cendrars, French, 1887–1961 Sonia Delaunay, French, born in Ukraine, 1885–1979
La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, Paris: 1913