Eduardo Paolozzi, British, 1924–2005

Marok-Marok-Miosa, 1965

Welded aluminum
The John B. Putnam Jr. Memorial Collection, Princeton University

Cast in welded aluminum, Eduardo Paolozzi’s Marok-Marok-Miosa gyrates across the floor and wiggles and twists in the air. The shining sculpture consists of a series of curving arcs interrupted by thick, pipe-like structures and gear-like components. These shapes were designed by Paolozzi but were professionally cast and welded by others. Common themes of the artist’s oeuvre are represented, including machines, technology, and industry. Paolozzi’s style reveals his diverse experiences in Scotland, London, and France, as well as his interest in avant-garde movements such as Dada, Surrealism, and art brut and in Pop Art. The nonsensical title Marok-Marok-Miosa mirrors the playful, rhythmic flow of the sculpture.