Model Building

Exploratory Models

The process of building the models began in the summer of 2006 with undergraduate students Christin Holzer, Plamen Ivanov, Marianne Koch, and Kira Schiavello, and graduate students Powell Draper and Sarah Halsey.  Their task was to determine the best methodology for building the models, which should express the thinness, yet not be too fragile.  They experimented with several options.  Initially, the team made a form out of boards and used plaster to represent the concrete.  This method had several drawbacks; it was impossible to make the plaster thin enough to reproduce the aspect ratio of his structures, and the plaster models were not very strong.  However, in creating the formwork for these models the team realized that they could use strips of wood to make a model that was strong and reproduced the extreme thinness of Candela‚Äôs structures.  When painted, these woodstrip models leave the same imprint of the form boards used in the real construction.  This team also learned how to use a 3-D printer to make plaster models  of several Candela structures.  This work was very valuable for determining the appropriate methodology for building each model and for setting up the work to be done in the next two summers.

Kira, Maryanne, and Plamen introduce themselves and
talk about their experience building the models.