Model Building

Joe Vocaturo examining one of the trial models.
Joe Vocaturo with students Ted Segal, Jessie Hindle, Cecily King, Powell Draper, Katie Kelly, Kieran Kelly-Snead, Jennifer Pazdon, and Emily Roche
The models were built over the course of three summers: 2006, 2007, and 2008. The first summer was mostly spent determining the most appropriate method for building the models. The creation of exploratory models served as a basis for the work that was done during the next two years.

All of the models were built under the careful supervision of Joe Vocaturo who has served as the lab manager for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 1999. Before coming to Princeton, Joe was a Senior Staff Technician/Associate Test Specialist at Lockheed Martin, where he worked on space flight systems and launch operations. Currently, in addition to managing the labs, he advises and assists undergraduates, graduates, and researchers in both educational and research efforts. He has received the Princeton University Merit Award for laboratory teaching and commitment to students.

Joe suggested and demonstrated many of the techniques required to build the Candela models and mount them on their platforms.  His craftsmanship, broad knowledge and experience were absolutely essential in the construction of every single model.  Joe’s careful attention to detail contributed to the high quality of the models.

Several of the large models such as Restaurant Los Manantiales, the shell for Cosmic Rays, Bacardi, and the large Milagrosa models were printed at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with the assistance and supervision of Patrick Sherwood.  Patrick manages the Port Authority's Engineering Department Design Division's 3D Model Shop. In addition, he is active in the ACE Mentoring Program sponsored by the Port Authority for developing high school students interested in a future in engineering and architecture. Prior joining the Port Authority, he was President of AMI Models working with the leading architectural firms in the NY metropolitan area; he was an Associate and Head of the Model Studio at Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill/NY and a past member of the faculty at Parsons School of Design.

Patrick reviewed the computer files prior to printing these models as well as oversaw their handling.  In the case of the Restaurant Los Manantiales Patrick assisted Eric Hui with assembling the parts.  We could not have completed these very important models without Patrick’s patience and experience and the Port Authority’s generous giving of time and resources.

The models are comprised of three types: (1) Plaster models made with a 3-D printer,
(2) Construction models that represent the scaffolding and form boards used for construction, and (3) Woodstrip models where the shell is made from strips of wood and a fiber fabric. The students also developed computer animations that illustrate how the forms of Los Manantiales and Cuernavaca were developed from the hyperbolic paraboloid surface. A total of 19 students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering built the models. This includes 8
undergraduates, the majority of whom are in the Architecture and Engineering program, and 11 graduate students. In alphabetical order a brief bio of each student follows.


Undergraduate Students:

Sylvester Black (B.S.E class of 2009)
Christy Holzer (B.S.E class of 2007)
Eric Hui (B.S.E class of 2009)
Plamen Ivanov (B.S.E class of 2008)
Cecily King (B.S.E class of 2010)
Marianne Koch (B.S.E class of 2008)
Janice Lee (B.S.E class of 2009)
Kira Schiavello (B.S.E class of 2008)


Graduate Students:

Dallas Dissmore (M.S.E class of 2008)
Powell Draper (M.S.E. class of 2005, PhD class of 2008)
Aaron Freidenberg (M.S.E class of 2009)
Sarah Halsey (M.S.E class of 2006)
Jesse Hindle (M.S.E class of 2009)
Kathleen Kelly (M.S.E class of 2008)
Kieran Kelly-Sneed (M.S.E class of 2009)
Jennifer Pazdon (M.S.E class of 2009)
Emily Roche (M.S.E class of 2009)
Edward (Ted) Segal (M.S.E class of 2008)
Ashley Thrall (M.S.E class of 2008)