The past year has encouraged us to think deeply about what cohabitation means in Whitman College. This shared space encompasses a vast array of interactions between the people who live and work here. Some of these moments are fleeting, like passing one another in the hallway, while others have the potential to become something more permanent. Connections such as these can provide the foundation for an equitable community, and we recognize that community should not be taken for granted. It requires daily cultivation, thoughtful input and collective accountability. These reproductions of works from the Princeton University Art Museum provide glimpses into cohabitation occurring at different points in time across multiple geographies. They welcome discussion about interconnectedness at Princeton University, and beyond.

This exhibition is on view in the Guggenheim Gallery at Whitman College and was organized by Ole Agersnap, Oluwatobiloba Ajayi, Charmaine Branch, Jane Brown, Kristiana Filipov, John Graham, Isabel Kim, Grace Lee, Emma Mohrmann, Enver Ramadani, Serena Ren, and Raymond Xu.