Nassau Street Sampler l Art-Making: Radiant Word Portraits

Wadsworth Jarrell, American, born 1929. Revolutionary, 1972. Screenprint. Princeton University Art Museum, Museum purchase, Felton Gibbons Fund

Join us for an art-making program inspired by Wadsworth Jarrell’s Revolutionary. Jarrell made this vibrant and monumental screenprint in homage to the renowned activist Angela Davis. Davis speaks into a microphone, with words and phrases like “love”, “black,” “nation,” “revolutions”, and “I have given my life to the struggle” spilling into and completely filling the pulsating, mosaiclike surface. The high-key colors are intended to evoke a positive, uplifting response. This workshop will draw on the radiant forms and vibrant colors in this artwork, as well as the use of slogans, mantras, and self-descriptive words. Use pencil, crayons, or markers to channel a portrait of celebration, strength, and joy. Introduced by Art Museum student tour guide and Student Advisory Board Secretary, Jaimee Simwinga '23, and taught by artist and instructor Katie Truk.