Cooperation and Contradiction

In keeping with developments around the globe, the artists working in New Jersey after World War II prioritized participation and collaboration; many projects in this exhibition were coauthored. Some were created by groups of artists, while others involved the assistance of audience members, effectively erasing the distinction between professional and amateur, artist and spectator. At the heart of many of these experiments in cooperative action was a commitment to equality, sociability, and democracy. Just as often, however, such events and performances aimed to express humanity’s dark side, one characterized by antagonism and alienation, reflecting the acute social divisions of the 1960s and violent military conflicts like the Vietnam War.

George Brecht, American, 1926 - 2008
Lantern Extract/An Aspect of Yam Festival, 1962
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Robert Watts, American, 1923–1988 George Brecht, American, 1926 - 2008
Yam Festival Newspaper, 1962–63. Yam Festival Press, Metuchen, NJ
Robert Watts, American, 1923–1988
Flux Rattle from the Yam Festival Delivery Event, 1962–63
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Dick Higgins, Canadian, born in Cambridge, England Photographs by Das Anudas
The Thousand Symphonies, November-December 1970
Nancy Holt, American, 1938–2014
Stone Ruin Tour I, June 1967. Cedar Grove, New Jersey