Membership Matters

A woman and young child sit at a table doing crafts.“I’ve always been extremely into art,” raves area business manager and Museum supporter Gifty Anane. A self-described “connoisseur of art in all forms,” Gifty fell in love with art as a young person. She developed a passion for the visual arts, fashion, literature, and ballet—and eventually studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

These days, Gifty enjoys living a short distance away from world-class art at the Museum. “I live in New Brunswick, and I make a point to get out to Princeton,” Gifty says. The Museum is a “gem,” she adds. “Princeton has such great collections. Why travel further than you have to?”

Gifty has brought her son to the Museum since he was a baby. She also frequently encourages friends to explore the galleries, including the Museum’s two downtown spaces, Art on Hulfish and Art@Bainbridge. Time spent quietly reflecting on works of art can be therapeutic, she notes. She also strongly believes that museums can act as “town squares,” spaces for community and gathering where everyone is welcome.

A supporter of the annual Museum Gala, Gifty has now stepped into a new role on the host committee of the Museum for All Ball, an evening of music, food, and art that will take place on Saturday, October 29. With this inaugural fundraising event, the Museum aims to welcome new generations and new faces to the world of art at Princeton.

“Anyone can walk into a museum. You don’t need to be from a certain age group or demographic or income bracket. That’s what I love about art.“

“It’s going to be a younger crowd and really fun,” Gifty says. “We are going to bring the right energy. I am looking forward to networking with like-minded people and meeting an eclectic bunch of individuals who love art. This event will be a great way to reintroduce the Museum to the community.”