Study Room Guidelines

The Art Museum is committed to supporting teaching and research at Princeton University. Princeton scholars who are authorized to be on campus may schedule in-person research appointments in the galleries and/or study rooms. Please email for more information.

Due to their fragile nature, our works are kept in storage, but made available for classes and individuals in our study room. Since most of the works on paper that you will see will not be in frames, but in mats with no glass covering them, they can easily be damaged. To protect these works on paper, as well as other works of art, we ask you to follow the same rules that we do:

BEFORE entering the study room: 

  • No food, gum, drink, or any liquid is allowed. 

  • No pens or mechanical pencils are permitted to be used in the study room: only wood encased pencils, computers and notebooks are allowed. Leave bulky items (jackets, bags, etc.) downstairs in a locker. 

  • Please wash your hands in the room adjacent to the study room on the 2nd floor. If you leave for lunch or other reasons, please wash again before returning to the room.

WHILE IN the study room:

  • Do not touch the works of art, but please do look very carefully (magnifying glasses are available in the study room).

  • If you need to view the verso and/or see the edges, please alert the staff. We will carefully remove the work from the mat or sleeve.  For some framed, light sensitive or brittle materials, removal may not be possible and a facsimile may be provided.

  • Wood encased pencils only-no pens or ink or mechanical pencils allowed in the study room. Please do not place pencils near any works of art.

  • Please do not put newspapers on the study tables (the ink on the newspapers easily transfers to other surfaces).

  • When examining a work, be careful not to let jewelry, hair, ties, or other clothing fall onto the surface of the item.

  • If you have to sneeze, please face away from the artworks.