Study Room Guidelines

The Art Museum is committed to supporting teaching and research at Princeton University. Princeton scholars who are authorized to be on campus may schedule in-person research appointments in the galleries and/or study rooms. Please email for more information.

Due to their fragile nature, our works are kept in storage, but made available for classes and individuals in our study room. Since most of the works on paper that you will see will not be in frames, but in mats with no glass covering them, they can easily be damaged. To protect these works on paper, as well as other works of art, we ask you to follow the same rules that we do:

Before entering the study room:

  • No pens, bags/backpacks, coats, umbrellas, water bottles or liquids of any kind
  • No food, gum, cough drops, hard candy – please dispose of these before entering the classroom
  • Instructions on a secure place to leave personal belongings will be given upon arrival
  • Items allowed in the study rooms:  Wood encased pencils, notebooks, laptops, tablets and/or cell phones

While in the study room:

  • Please do not put pencils, notebooks, laptops, tablets or cell phones down next to any artwork that may be on the table.
  • Please do not touch the artwork.  If a closer look is necessary or desired, please alert the staff member in the room and that person will do the art handling.  If there is a hands-on portion to your study room visit, the staff member proctoring the class will give explicit instructions at the beginning of the visit.
  • Please do not lean or sit on any of the tables or counter ledges in the study rooms.  You are welcome to move your chair closer to the artwork if you no longer wish to stand.
  • When leaning closely over an artwork, be careful not to let jewelry, hair, strings, or other clothing fall into or onto its surface.
  • Please be aware of the proximity of your body to the artwork on display.  Especially when walking past, when removing an extra layer of clothing and when huddled for close discussion.
  • Please face away from the artwork, should you need to sneeze, cough or yawn.
  • You are allowed to photograph the art on display.  However, make sure the flash is off and do not hold the camera/cell phone/tablet directly over the artwork.