Image Use and Access  

All information necessary for the proper citation of works in the collections is available in the object records in the Online Collections Catalogue. We encourage people to attribute works from our collection according to accepted standards (including copyright statement where appropriate). 

Please include the following image credit so that others may find and use our resources: “Image courtesy of the Princeton University Art Museum.” 

Thumbnail-sized images of copyrighted works are displayed under Fair Use, in accordance with the American Association of Art Museum Directors’ “Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials and Works of Art by Art Museums (November 2017).”  

Image Use – Public Domain 

No approval required. High-resolution images of works in the public domain can be freely downloaded from our Online Collections Catalogue for personal and educational use without seeking approvals. The object caption can also be copied from the download interface. 

Image Use – Copyrighted Works 

Permission required. High-resolution images of works under copyright cannot be downloaded from our Online Collections Catalogue. If you wish to use images of works under copyright from our collection for any purpose, you must initiate an image request and seek permission from the copyright holder.  

Image Requests 

All members of the Princeton University campus community, please contact: Museum Rights and Permissions regarding image requests.  

For press images, please contact the Museum Press Room. 

For all other users, if you cannot download a file from our Online Collections Catalogue, browse the Museum’s images available via the Art Resource library to see if the resource exists there.  

  • For Public Domain works: If the high-resolution image downloaded from our site is not suitable for your needs, please contact Art Resource for a larger file or different view.  

  • For works under copyright: Please contact Art Resource for an image file, while seeking necessary permissions from the copyright holder.  

Minor White and Ruth Bernhard Collections 

Princeton University holds the copyright for works by Minor White and Ruth Bernhard, which is managed by the Princeton University Art Museum. For inquiries and permission to reproduce these materials, please contact Museum Photography Archives Licensing.  

For more information about the Minor White Archive and the Ruth Bernhard Archive: Please visit the Minor White Archive website or search for these artists in our Online Collections Catalogue.  

For more information about the Ruth Bernhard Papers, housed by the Princeton University Library, please refer to this finding aid