Open House | Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman & Khalilah Sabree


Open House | Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman & Khalilah Sabree

Saturday, February 3, 2024 @ 2:00 pm



Join the artists Alia Bensliman and Khalilah Sabree, with Juliana Ochs Dweck, chief curator, to celebrate the opening of Reciting Women at Art@Bainbridge. 

Drawing as much on Islamic architectural motifs and Indigenous Amazigh symbols as on personal and spiritual experience, the artists generate new visual vocabularies to grapple with cultural change. Their work layers and questions boundaries between traditional and modern imagery, between photography and painting, to narrate personal journeys and propose new possibilities for human connection. 

Art@Bainbridge is made possible through the generous support of the Virginia and Bagley Wright, Class of 1946, Program Fund for Modern and Contemporary Art; the Kathleen C. Sherrerd Program Fund for American Art; Joshua R. Slocum, Class of 1998, and Sara Slocum; Rachelle Belfer Malkin, Class of 1986, and Anthony E. Malkin; Barbara and Gerald Essig; Gene Locks, Class of 1959, and Sueyun Locks; and Ivy Beth Lewis.  

Additional support for Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman & Khalilah Sabree is provided by the Near Eastern Studies Program, the Office of Religious Life, and the Department of Religion. 

Khalilah Sabree, The Inner Compartment, 2016–17. Collection of the artist. © Khalilah Sabree. Photo: Joseph Hu