Art-Making l Drawing: Artistic Voice

This session explores artistic voice. Separate from style, voice is the entirety of the artist coming through the work to reach the viewer. When we feel clumsy with the materials (charcoal, pastels, etc.) or the style (realism, abstract, etc.) our voice may not come through clearly. To move beyond this phase, committed artists practice their techniques, honing their skills in order to express their voices as clearly as possible. Many students begin their artistic journey by measuring their merit in comparison to others. Instead of seeing a seasoned artist as “more talented,” it’s more accurate to say they are skilled (practiced) in expressing their artistic voice more clearly. The good news is that a clear artistic voice is in reach of all artists. Practice helps, as does consideration of the subject matter that appeals to the artist. When an artist is truly content with their work, and it feels like it clicked into place, chances are their voice is clear and an audience will resonate with the work.