Drawing from the Collections | Inspired by Sculpture: Focusing on Linework

The Art Museum partners with the Arts Council of Princeton to provide free virtual drawing classes. Weekly classes are taught by artist-instructor Barbara DiLorenzo over Zoom. With an emphasis on drawing with pen or pencil on paper, each week’s lesson in this series will be inspired by a sculpture in the Museum’s collections. 

This live art-making class is inspired by this antelope-shaped headdress or adoné, created by a Kurumba artist in the early 20th century. This protective, graceful antelope is worn in dances to mark major lifecycle events, such as funerals and the periods before the first rains and the beginning of the planting season, in the Kurumba region of Burkina Faso. This particular headdress is covered in delicate decorative spots and reveals slight wear on the neck and snout, where the dancer would have grasped the piece, in order to hold on to it while dancing.  

In this session, we will draw the headdress and focus on linework.