Materials List for Pastel Classes

Pastel Paper  

Different papers offer various surface textures for the pastels to grip onto. Choose what you want to experiment with, from traditional pastel papers to cold-pressed or rough watercolor paper on which you can create an underpainting before using pastels on top. Pastel boards are also fun to use.  

  • Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Pads (9 x 12 in.) for $9 at Jerry’s Artarama 

  • Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord (5 x 7 in. sampler of 4) for $11 at Jerry’s Artarama 


Pastel Colors 

We will use soft pastels for these classes. Oil pastels and hard pastels are also options you can choose, and it's absolutely fine if you choose to use what already you have instead of buying new soft pastels. Soho Urban Artist Soft Pastel Half Stick Sets from Jerry’s Artarama start at $40 for 48 half sticks, which is great to begin with.  

Additional Supplies (Optional) 

  • Blending stumps or tortillons 

  • Small hand towel (old) or chamois cloth 

  • 2b pencil and sketchbook 

  • Bulldog clips or artist tape (similar to masking tape, but with less tack) 

  • Drawing board 

  • Fixative or reworkable fixative (to set the pastels when done)