Image Use

Titles and Dates

Minor White, Bullet Holes (Middle Canyon, Capitol Reef, Utah), 1961Among its many responsibilities, the Minor White Archive ensures the accurate presentation of the titles and dates of works by Minor White. This task can be especially challenging as the artist himself regularly reexamined and reenvisioned his photographs, and it is not unusual for prints made from the same negative to have been inscribed, published, sequenced, or exhibited with different titles throughout the course of White’s career. Therefore, Minor White Archive titles can be considered authoritative titles for the negatives. They are based on the location and date information White provided on the proof cards and should be considered the preferred titles for photographs made by White. Where they may differ from inscribed titles on individual prints, the Archive recommends a combination of inscribed and authoritative titles. Of course, the Archive is happy to receive research inquiries about titling and dating works by Minor White. Please email Museum Photography Archives Licensing.

Copyright and Image Licensing

Princeton University holds the copyright for works by Minor White. For copyright clearance and permission to reproduce these images, please contact Museum Photography Archives Licensing.

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