Project Committee

Minor White, San Francisco, 1949Convened for its inaugural meeting in 2016, the Minor White Project Committee set five goals, from the sweeping to the specific: ensure the Archive is a gift shared with the scholarly and art community; uphold White’s legacy and relevance; seek a balance of artistic, curatorial, institutional, and scholarly activities related to the Archive; determine the best publications and exhibitions of White’s work; and advise on research tools, best practices, and resources that will make the Archive the most useful for the most people.


Katherine Bussard, Peter C. Bunnell Curator of Photography, Princeton University Art Museum

Todd Cronan, Associate Professor of Art History, Emory University

Brendan Fay, Professor of Art History, Art Department, Eastern Michigan University

Manager of Collections Information, Princeton University Art Museum

Emmet Gowin, artist and Professor Emeritus of the Council of the Humanities and Visual Arts, Princeton University

Jeff Rosenheim, Curator and Head of the Department of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art

James Steward, Nancy A. Nasher–David J. Haemisegger, Class of 1976, Director, Princeton University Art Museum

Jeff Whetstone, artist and Professor of Visual Arts, Princeton University