Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying for a grant

What kind of proposals are funded?

We seek to fund proposals on new, important, and original topics. Researchers from all fields are considered, with priority given to projects involving new perspectives on Minor White.

When should I plan my trip?

Research grants can be fulfilled between late May and early September in any given year.

Will this grant support access to Princeton University Library?

Grant recipients may request day passes to the Princeton University Library during their stays.

Will the University sponsor my visa?

No, these grants are not eligible for visa sponsorship. If you are not an American citizen, you should consult with your home institution about visa issues before applying/traveling.

Is my grant award taxable?

Yes. U.S. citizens will need to report the grant as income. All others will have 30% tax withheld from their awards; however, if your country has a tax treaty with the United States, you may recover the taxes by filing a U.S. tax return in the year following your trip.

Minor White, Two Waves and Pitted Rock (Point Lobos, California), 1952

After applying for a grant

After submitting my application, will I receive notification that it has been received and is complete?

All applicants will receive an auto-response confirming that their email has been received, but applicants are responsible for submitting complete applications, including the two letters of recommendation. Due to the volume of applications and letters of recommendation received just prior to the deadline, personalized responses are not possible, and requests for confirmation of completion cannot be accommodated.

I have applied for a grant. When will I find out whether I have been successful?

All applicants will be informed by the end of March.

Minor White, 72 N. Union Street, Rochester, 1960

After being awarded a grant

I’ve received a research grant award. How do I collect my funds?

If you are an American citizen, you will complete an online process in advance of your trip to campus. A check will be ready for you during or just after your stay. For foreign nationals, the same process applies, but the forms required vary. Once all paperwork is submitted, it takes about three weeks for a check to be issued.

Minor White, Stony Brook State Park, New York, 1960