Provenance Research

  • Summer Landscape with Figures
    Summer Landscape with Figures,
    attributed to Sebastian Vrancx, Flemish, 1573–1647 | formerly attributed to Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Flemish, ca. 1525–1569
  • Madonna and Child, Saints John the Baptist and Anthony Hermit
    Madonna and Child, Saints John the Baptist and Anthony Hermit,
    Workshop of the Master of 1416 (Bartolomeo di Piero and Piero de Lorenzo?) | formerly attributed to Bicci di Lorenzo, Italian, 1373–1452 | formerly attributed to Master of 1419, Italian, active ca. 1419–1430 | formerly attributed to Master of Borgo alla Collina, Italian, active ca. 1400–1425
  • Apparition
    Apparition, 1905–10
    Odilon Redon, French, 1840–1916
  • recto: Mason verso: Saint Christopher
    recto: Mason verso: Saint Christopher, early 16th century
  • Carpenter and Saint Roch
    Carpenter and Saint Roch, early 16th century
  • Boy in red cap
    Boy in red cap, 19th century
    French | formerly attributed to Thomas Couture, French, 1815 – 1879
  • Arrest of Christ
    Arrest of Christ,
    Marcellus Coffermans, Flemish, 1549 – 1579 | after Martin Schongauer, German, ca. 1430–1491
  • The Road to Calvary
    The Road to Calvary, ca. 1535
    Herri Met de Bles, Flemish, ca. 1510–after 1550
  • The Banks of the Oise
    The Banks of the Oise, 1871
    Charles François Daubigny, 1817–1878; born Paris, France; died Paris
  • Plain of Chailly
    Plain of Chailly, ca. 1860–65
    Théodore Rousseau, 1812–1867; born Paris, France; died Barbizon
  • Landscape with Flight into Egypt
    Landscape with Flight into Egypt,
    formerly attributed to Paul Bril, Flemish, ca. 1554–1626
  • Circe and the Companions of Odysseus
    Circe and the Companions of Odysseus,
    Circle of Jan Brueghel II, Flemish, 1601–1678