Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award for Nature's Nation Exhibition Catalogue

We are pleased to congratulate curators Karl Kusserow and Alan C. Braddock on the latest award honoring Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment, the catalogue published in conjunction with the groundbreaking exhibition of the same name. The publication has just received the College Art Association’s Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award for the best exhibition catalogue of 2019 from any museum in North America. The book had already received the 2019 Award for Excellence from the Association of Art Museum Curators and been given the PROSE Award by the Association of American Publishers for the single best exhibition catalogue of the year. This is the first publication to have received all three awards. The exhibition was co-curated by Karl Kusserow, John Wilmerding Curator of American Art at the Art Museum, and Alan C. Braddock, Ralph H. Wark Associate Professor of Art History and American Studies at the College of William & Mary.

“This welcome award is a timely affirmation of the relevance of ecocritical approaches to visual culture,” said Karl, “and hopefully portends the future success of environmentally informed scholarship in art history.”