What's New

  • Exhibition | Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment

    Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment tells a new environmental history of North American art, tracing evolving ideas about the environment from colonial encounters between Indigenous beliefs and European natural theology through nineteenth-century notions of progress and Manifest Destiny to the rise of modern ecological ethics and activism.

  • Museums as "activist" institutions | Director's Letter Fall 2018

    James Steward discusses how art museums have operated, and might now operate, as “activist” institutions by asking important questions and showing work that fosters debate and a reconsideration of accepted readings, and thus act as agents of change.

  • Architects Selected for New Princeton University Art Museum

    Sir David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates has been selected as design architect, in collaboration with Cooper Robertson as executive architect, for the new Princeton University Art Museum.

  • Hellenistic and Roman art in the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean gallery

    A Fresh Look at the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean

    The Art of the Ancient Mediterranean gallery, on the lower level of the Art Museum, has recently been redesigned--the culmination of a multiyear project.