Assemblage and Abstraction

Seeking meaning beyond the didactic nature of representational art the artists featured in the Peter B. Lewis Gallery explore the potential of art that is still anchored in and emerging from the everyday world. Using collage, assemblage and abstract compositions to reveal layered and multiple meanings, they incorporate everyday objects and commercial media, often merging aspects of both painting and sculpture. Celebrating the promised gift of a major canvas by Thornton Dial and several other impressive loans, this installation operates in what artist Robert Rauschenberg called "the gap between art and life."

  • Walking Around the World
    Thornton Dial, American, 1928–2016
    Walking Around the World, 2001
  • Black Cart
    Martin Puryear, American, born 1941 | Published and printed by Paulson Fontaine Press
    Black Cart, 2008
  • Labna
    Sean Scully, American, born in Ireland, 1945
    Labna, 2006
    2008-44 a-b
  • Untitled
    Ad Reinhardt, American, 1913–1967
    Untitled, 1960
  • Untitled
    Sol LeWitt, American, 1928–2007
    Untitled, 1982
  • Black Friday
    Willem de Kooning, American, born the Netherlands, 1904–1997
    Black Friday, 1948
  • Untitled (Roth-Handle)
    Robert Motherwell, American, 1915–1991
    Untitled (Roth-Handle), 1974
  • Day - Night
    Adolph Gottlieb, American, 1903–1974
    Day - Night, 1956
  • Eclipse
    Nancy Graves, American, 1939–1995
    Eclipse, 1987
  • Untitled
    Barnett Newman, American, 1905–1970
    Untitled, 1946
  • WM II
    Richard Serra, American, born 1938
    WM II, 1995
  • WM IV
    Richard Serra, American, born 1938
    WM IV, 1996