Uses of Photography VII: Photographs by Julio Grinblatt


Uses of Photography VII: Photographs by Julio Grinblatt

Friday, October 13, 2017
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Sterling Morton Gallery

Piled on a table are portraits of Argentine artists and pictures of the art scene in Buenos Aires taken over the last thirty years—nearly a thousand in total. Grinblatt developed and printed these gelatin silver photographs; then, housing each in an archival sleeve and insisting on the use of white gloves by those handling the objects, he treats these images as precious historical artifacts. Visitors to the gallery are invited to join him at the table, to look through the images and discuss the subjects with him—and, through these interactions, to become active participants in creating histories for the images. 

This piece belongs to Grinblatt’s ongoing project Uses of Photography, in which he considers the effects of technology on image and vision, seeing and knowing, and the manner in which viewers participate in these processes under varied circumstances.  

Organized by the Program in Latin American Studies

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