Princeton University Teaching and Research, Fall 2020

As the University’s undergraduate program continues to be fully remote this fall semester, the Art Museum remains committed to supporting teaching and research virtually. The Museum’s online collections are available to search, and images of objects selected for courses are available in three ways—through PowerPoint, by .zip download, and with our online high-resolution viewer. Each of these viewing methods can be shared on Zoom or another remote course platform.

The high-resolution viewer, known as Mirador, allows users to zoom in close to see details of thousands of works of art from across the collections. You can use this feature directly through the Museum’s online collections database by clicking on the object image. The Museum can also assist in preparing a selection of objects for view in Mirador.

In addition, groups of objects from the Museum’s collections that explore specific themes from previous gallery installations and courses are available on the Museum’s website.

To schedule a consultation about teaching virtually with the Museum’s collections, please contact Veronica White, curator of academic programs, at

To continue serving all our audiences, the Museum is expanding the range and diversity of its offerings, including new digital exhibitions, new program formats, and new guest voices:

  • Digital access to the exhibition LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography, including a virtual tour, a complete checklist, didactic materials and installation images, an interactive digital module, and recordings of digital programs.
  • Digital access to the exhibition Cezanne: The Rock and Quarry Paintings, including a virtual tour, complete checklist, and conversation between curator John Elderfield and artist Terry Winters.
  • Digital access to the exhibigtion States of Health: Visualizing Illness and Healing, including a virtual tour and a full online checklist with exhibition labels.
  • Two online exhibitions are available on the Museum’s website:
    • Looking at 17th-Century Dutch Painting, conceived in tandem with this fall’s FRS193, introduces the Princeton community and the public to a selection of Dutch landscapes, scenes of daily life, still lifes, history paintings, religious figures, and portraits held by the Princeton University Art Museum.  
    • The Eclectic Eye: A Tribute to Duane Wilder will pay tribute to Duane Wilder, Class of 1951, who assembled compellingly diverse collections which he donated and lent to the Princeton University Art Museum during his lifetime and upon his death in 2017.
  • Check the Museum’s calendar for the latest information on upcoming programs, including live online lectures and conversations.

The Museum will also take requests for a limited number of in-person appointments for Princeton University faculty and students who are authorized to be on Campus this fall for research and teaching. The Museum’s Policies and Procedures for Research Appointments are available online. For more information, please contact Louise Barrett, visitor logistics coordinator, at