SOLD OUT: Artist-Led Workshop | Khalilah Sabree | Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Navigating the Art World


SOLD OUT: Artist-Led Workshop | Khalilah Sabree | Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Navigating the Art World

Saturday, March 23, 2024 @ 4:30 pm


Artworks Trenton (19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611)

This event is now sold out. 

Join the artist Khalilah Sabree as she leads a workshop at Artworks Trenton, in conjunction with the exhibition Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman & Khalilah Sabree featuring her work (on view at Art@Bainbridge). This workshop is offered in partnership with the Princeton University Art Museum and Artworks Trenton. 

Space is limited and registration is required. Visit this link to register.


By entering the following address you’ll find the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission: 120 S Stockton St &, E Front St, Trenton, NJ 08611. The Artworks Parking Lot is directly across from this location. 

Course Description: 

Join us for an intimate and enriching artistic journey in “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” a unique artist forum designed to delve into the profound relationship between spirituality and the creative process. Facilitated by Khalilah Sabree, an experienced artist, this course invites artists to gather and explore the intricate connections between their spiritual journeys and their roles in the art community, including submitting art to galleries and exhibitions. By the end of “Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Navigating the Art World,” you will have gained a deeper understanding of how your spirituality shapes your artistic practice, allowing you to create more meaningful and authentic art while confidently navigating the art world. Your unique voice and perspective are invaluable contributions to our shared exploration of art and spirituality. 

Course Goals: 

  • Spiritual Exploration: This forum provides a safe and supportive space for artists to openly discuss their spiritual journeys. We encourage you to share and reflect upon your unique path.  

  • Artistic Expression: Each participant is asked to bring one piece of art that they feel best represents their spiritual connection. This artwork will serve as a catalyst for meaningful discussions. 

  • Peer Interaction: Engage in thought-provoking conversations with a select group of fellow artists. Exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives on the spiritual dimension of art. Benefit from peer critiques and constructive feedback. 

  • Navigating the Art World: Explore how your spiritual journey has impacted your approach to galleries and the arts community in general. We will share strategies that have helped you in navigating the art world, balancing authenticity with market demands, and finding like-minded communities to support your artistic endeavors. 

  • Limited Enrollment: To foster an intimate and impactful experience, enrollment is limited to just 10 participants. This small group setting allows for deeper connections and personalized discussions.

Khalilah Sabree’s work is about spiritual transformation and world issues. Her current body of work contains a variety of large scale, mixed-media paintings and drawings. She filters the world through the eyes of an African American Muslim woman and educator. 

Art@Bainbridge is made possible through the generous support of the Virginia and Bagley Wright, Class of 1946, Program Fund for Modern and Contemporary Art; the Kathleen C. Sherrerd Program Fund for American Art; Joshua R. Slocum, Class of 1998, and Sara Slocum; Rachelle Belfer Malkin, Class of 1986, and Anthony E. Malkin; Barbara and Gerald Essig; Gene Locks, Class of 1959, and Sueyun Locks; and Ivy Beth Lewis.  

Additional support for Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman & Khalilah Sabree is provided by the Near Eastern Studies Program, the Office of Religious Life, and the Department of Religion. 

Khalilah Sabree, Broken Promise, 2016–17. Collection of the artist. © Khalilah Sabree