Internship FAQs

How many interns does the Art Museum hire?
The Art Museum generally hires between eight and twelve interns each summer and three to four interns each academic year.

Is there an application fee for the internship program? 
No, there is no application fee.

Is there a separate application form that I need to fill out? 
There is no separate application form for the internship program. Please refer to the main Internships page for the required applications materials.

Should I submit my application electronically or by mail? 
Each applicant should submit his or her application electronically to

What instructions should I give to the writer(s) of my academic letter(s) of recommendation? 
We require at least one letter of academic recommendation. The letter(s) should be from professors or instructors who are familiar with your academic work and can speak specifically about your research and writing skills. Please note that letters from Art Museum staff cannot be considered as part of your application package due to potential conflicts of interest. Additional letters of recommendation (for example, from a supervisor from a past internship) are not necessary.  The letter(s) should be sent via email, directly from the letter writer(s) to the internship program email account.

What departments currently have internship openings?
Summer applicants are encouraged to state their preference, we cannot guarantee that applicants will be offered a position in their preferred department. For the academic year program, specific projects are advertised as part of the call for applications, which is usually posted at the end of the spring term for the following year.

What are the eligibility requirements?
For the summer program, undergraduate students enrolled in any four-year accredited university or college program, or graduate students enrolled in any accredited M.A. or Ph.D. program, are eligible to apply. For the academic year program, positions are limited to Princeton University students except in cases where the project requires specialized expertise in a field of study not offered at Princeton. In all cases, Princeton University students are given priority.

Applicants who will have graduated from college the semester prior to the start of the internship period are eligible to apply for the summer internship program but not for the academic year program. Applicants who have already completed a graduate degree (or will have completed their degree by the start of the internship program) are ineligible to apply for the internship program.

I graduated from school more than a semester before the start of the internship program. Am I still eligible to apply for an internship?
The internship program is intended as a co-curricular experience for currently matriculating students. Therefore, you are ineligible to apply if you have already received your degree earlier than the semester just prior to the start of the internship program.

As a foreign student, am I eligible to apply?
Foreign students are eligible to apply for the internship program. Non-U.S. citizens must offer proof that they are legally permitted to work in the United States and are responsible for securing the proper work visa(s).

Are there internship opportunities for high school students?
The Art Museum does not offer paid or volunteer internship opportunities for high school students or recent high school graduates.

Do I need to be an art history major to be eligible for an internship?
Students from all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply; however, those students who have taken some coursework in art history will present a stronger application.

How many hours per week do interns work? 
Undergraduate students (and recent college graduates)  usually work full-time (36.25 hours per week), but hours might be adjusted this summer. Graduate students can be part-time or full-time (depending on their institution's funding restrictions as well as our own budgetary restrictions).  During the academic year, students generally work 10-15 per week (not to exceed twenty hours per week).

Can I begin or end a summer internship outside of the seven-week program? 
All interns participate in an intensive four-day orientation the first week and in weekly discussions in the following weeks. Therefore, all interns must be available for the entire seven weeks of the program.